LET Reviewers 2019 (Compilation)


Free downloadable LET Reviewers in Portable Document Format. These reviewers were gathered/collected from various websites and FB groups. These reviewers were compiled for the purpose of helping our future Licensed Professional Teachers in taking and passing their exam.

LET Result (September 2018)

PRC announced that 18,409 elementary teachers out of 90,750 examinees (20.29%) and 60,803 secondary teachers out of 126,582 examinees (48.03%) successfully passed the exams.

Out of the total 18,409 passers in the elementary level, PRC posted that 17,200 are first timers and 1,209 are repeaters while in 60,803 secondary passers, 52,453 are first timers while 8,350 are repeaters.

LET Reviewers (Compilation) Download Links

General Education

200 Questions

100 Questions

Professional Education

900 Questions

Area of Specialization / Major Subjects



Biological Science 



Social Studies/ Social Sciences 


Information and Communication Technology 

Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) 


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Sources: Non-Stop Teaching | TeacherPH | LETQA | Various Websites

Note: This website does not claim ownership of any materials posted. Likewise, questions are not influenced by PRC professional regulatory board. The main purpose of the reviewer is to help examinees in taking the LET. Read our disclaimer for more info.

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