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According to DepEd, RPMS  or the Results-Based Performance Management System is being implemented in consonance with the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) (Sample RPMS Portfolios and Covers Design Templates below). It follows the four-phase cycle of SPMS prescribed in CSC Memorandum Circular No. 6, s. 2012 and aims to ensure that both teaching and non-teaching personnel focus work efforts toward achieving the Department’s vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities. As stipulated in DepEd Order No. 2, s. 2015 (Guidelines on the Establishment and Implementation of RPMS in DepEd), RPMS is a systemic mechanism to manage, monitor and measure performance, and identify human resource and organizational development needs to enable continuous work improvement and individual growth.

As a learner-centered institution, the Department of Education (DepEd) is committed to continuously improve itself to better serve the Filipino learners and the community. The adoption of the SPMS in DepEd strengthens the culture of performance and accountability in the agency, with the DepEd’s mandate, vision and mission at its core.

There is a need to concretize the linkage between the organizational thrusts and the performance management system. It is important to ensure organizational effectiveness and track individual improvement and efficiency by cascading the institutional accountabilities to the various levels, units and individual personnel, as anchored on the establishment of a rational and factual basis for performance targets and measures. Finally, it is necessary to link the SPMS with other systems relating to human resources and to ensure adherence to the principle of performance-based tenure and incentives.

The RPMS shall align the performance targets and accomplishments with the Department’s mandate, vision, mission and strategic goals. It shall ensure 100% results orientation vis-a-vis the planned targets. On the other hand, the ratee’s demonstration of the required competencies shall be monitored for developmental purposes only.

The RPMS cycle shall cover performance for one whole year. All school-based personnel shall follow a performance cycle starting in April of the current year and ending in March of the following year; while non school-based personnel shall follow a performance cycle starting in January and ending in December.

The performance planning and commitment shall be done prior to the beginning of the performance cycle; while the performance monitoring and coaching shall take place immediately after Phase I, and continue throughout the performance cycle. The performance review and evaluation, as well as the performance rewarding and development planning shall be done at the end of the performance cycle.

Source: Department of Education

RPMS Portfolio Template (Ready to Print)

Download RPMS Portfolio Template (Ready to Print)

RPMS Portfolio Template (Long)
RPMS Portfolio Template (A4)

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