Classroom Prayer (Ready to Print)


Free downloadable classroom prayer in Microsoft Publisher format.

Prayers are a good source of passing the morals and values to the student. Morning assembly conducted in the schools everyday play a vital role in imposing good morals among the student and it gets registered in their mind quickly.

Prayers have a power of creating a pious atmosphere that helps instill certain values such as humility and discipline in the students. This helps the school children realize the essence of the ethical values. Prayers in school encourage the students to believe in the value system the school and follow it.

The individuals involved in the socialization and education of young children are presumed to hold cultural models that guide their actions. Cultural models by members of a society and that play an enormous role in their understanding of that world and their behavior in it.

Here are ready to print classroom prayers:

Download Classroom Prayer (Design 1)

Download Classroom Prayer (Design 2)

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