Multiplication Table (Classroom Poster)


Student’s progress in Mathematics lies in the basic knowledge to be undertaken. His foundation in more difficult fundamental operations lies in the Multiplication Table.

A student’s perception of Mathematics starts at his childhood. When a student is asked about the subject which he found difficult, it seems to be so natural that the most common answer is Mathematics. However, this perception could be changed if parents and teachers focus on the child’s need beforehand. Here is a poster of the Multiplication Table which is integral for students’ learning. This could be very useful for both the parents and the teachers and both at home and at school. Start teaching your child/pupil at an early age so he could be able to cope up with the difficulty of Mathematics in the near future. 🙂

Multiplication Table



Note: This classroom poster can be printed in a tarpapel. Here is our step by step guide on how to make a tarpapel.

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