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Instructional Plan in English


 Name of Teacher: ________________                               Grade Level: 11
Learning Area: Oral Communication     Quarter: First           Mobile No: 09123456789
Lesson No. 1                                       Duration: 60 minutes


Content Standard: The learner understands the nature and elements of oral communication in context.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define communication in their own words;
  2. Analyze the different definitions and samples of communication;
  3. Reflect on the importance of communication; and,
  4. Effectively apply communication to come up with a simple presentation.



Materials: pictures, laptop, projector, PowerPoint Presentation, video clips

Values integration: Self-Expression and Camaraderie


Elements of the Plan
A.   Preparation
a.    Prayer Ask the students to stand and choose someone to lead the prayer
b.    Checking of Attendance Check the attendance sheet of the class by calling student’s name.
c.    Setting the mood Do classroom routines:

1.    Picking up the pieces of paper on the floor

2.    Arranging the chairs

3.    Sitting properly

4.    Being silent

B.   Development of the Lesson
a.    Motivational Activity      Four Pics, One Word

Mechanics: The teacher will first show each set of pictures. Then the students will have to guess the word suggested by the pictures. As the student got the correct word, he/she will be allowed to write it on the board; hence, points will be given to him/her. (There will be five sets of pictures with the corresponding words: communication, process, information, feelings, and message. These words will be used on the part of the discussion proper.)

b.    Analysis Connect the motivational activity to the lesson.

Let the students guess what the topic is and ask the following questions.

·   How will you define communication in your own words?

·   What is the connection of these words (answers in the motivation activity) with communication?


Ask the students to arrange the words in order to come up with a definition of communication. Then, let them explain the given definition. Further elaborate the explanations given by the students and introduce the topic, The Definition of Communication.

c.    Abstraction ·   Present some definitions of communication to the class and allow them to give their insights.

·   Also, let the students analyze the similarities/differences of the given definitions.

·   Have a thorough discussion of the topic by letting the students watch certain situations that show communication.

·   The students will share their insights or opinions regarding each video clip.

·   The teacher will process what the students shared. Other terms that are related to communication will also be introduced to further discuss the lesson.

d.    Application Group Activity: Mini – Role Play

Mechanics: The class will be divided into four groups. The first two groups will present a simple situation that shows the benefit of having good communication. While the third and the fourth group will present a situation that shows the effect of having no communication. Five minutes will be given to the students for their preparation. The presentation should not exceed in three minutes.

e.    Generalization ·   Ask the students to reflect on the quotation in order to share the importance of communication.

·   Give chance to the students to ask questions and clarify things regarding the discussion, share insights or opinions, or add supplements which may further lead in understanding the lesson.

C.   Assessment: (1/2 crosswise)

Identify what is being asked.

1.    It is the process of conveying information, ideas, thoughts, or feelings to someone else.

2.    He/she is also known as the source of the message.

3.    This refers to the medium used in conveying the message.

4.    He/she is also called as the decoder of the message.

5.    It is the term for the response of the decoder.

6.    This refers to any idea, expression, or emotion conveyed.

7.    This refers to a communication with the use of words.

8.    This is the term for the message sent with the use of gestures, or facial expressions.

9.    It is defined nowadays as the way of sending information to people by using technology.

10. Communication is a _______ -way process.


Answer Keys:

1.    communication process

2.    sender

3.    channel

4.    receiver

5.    feedback

6.    message

7.    verbal communication

8.    nonverbal communication

9.    communication

10. two

D.   Assignment:

The students will be instructed to prepare a message for a specific person, this could be a family member, friend, teacher, etc. This assignment will also serve as the product of the students to be submitted after a week. Therefore, students are expected to apply other ways on preparing the message; e.g. letter, literary writing, social media.

The output must follow the criteria below.


Content and Organization  — 45 %

Relevance                          — 25 %

Creativity and Originality    — 30 %


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